Shower Panels

Does the value body n does all the hardware components come with it?
Most units have a built in mixing valve and the mounting hardware is included as well.
Are the nozzles just mist or jets or both?
The nozzles are in both mist and jets.
Are the nozzles, tub spout & controllers metal or plastic?

All of the controls are metal. The outlets on the spouts and jets have a metal exterior but the inner holes/nozzles are plastic. Most customers are impressed with the overall build quality of this assembly. 

Is the temperature display powered by a turbine or does it require battery?
It is powered by AA Batteries. The cradle is located at the bottom of the fixture.
Is the rainfall shower head ajustable ?
The rainfall shower head is adjustable.

Kitchen Range Hood

Can the fan have back rectagular exaust?
Depending on the model. Some range hood come with a rectangular exhaust at the back.
What type of bulb does range hood use?
Some are Halogen light blubs and some are LED display
Is air flow performance the same between the circular vent and the rectangular vent?
The airflow is the same between the circular vent and the rectangular vent.